Cappuccino Ornament

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Presently recognized as a double espresso with hot milk and foam, this delightful beverage gained popularity beyond Italy in the 1930s, finding its place in Austrian and German cafes. Its name draws inspiration from Capuchin friars, derived from the color of their red-brown robes, resembling the hues of this drink, and their hoods, referred to as "cappuccio" in Italian.

3.25 X 2.25 X 2.75 (HxLxW)

From the humble streets of Calabria, Italy, my grandparents, Adeline and Giuseppe, had nothing but gave us everything.

They didn’t have money or fancy things to give; instead, they gifted us with their most cherished values: family, humility, gratitude, hard work, generosity, loyalty, faith, honor, and the importance of preserving traditions.

Hardcore Italians is a tribute to their sacrifice and to the resilience and commitment of every Italian immigrant. We strive to keep their spirit alive in a new land. Each piece we create celebrates this enduring spirit, designed to honor their sacrifices and inspire future generations.

Thank you for helping us keep their cherished spirit—and the spirit of all those who came before—vibrantly alive.

Wear It Proud.

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