Welcome To Our family

We started Hardcore Italians to celebrate the Italian-American lifestyle. We always believed there is nothing worse than low self-esteem. We tried wearing pride clothing but found most items to be uncomfortable and short-lived. We wished we didn’t have to settle and dreamed of creating a brand that reflected our Hardcore attitude.

In 2011, we decided to start the company as father and son out of our garage. The need for an Italian-American brand was verified on social media, as the company amassed a massive following. We now send thousands of pride clothing out of our distribution center across the world. We continued to hire more family and maintain our core values. 

Our mission at Hardcore Italians is to empower Italian-American pride. We welcome all the differences that make you who you are, and we invite you to celebrate them with us - just like family.

We genuinely hope to bring laughter, memories, and joy to those who understand the lifestyle. We want our products to fuel conversations about our culture and keep Italians proud of their roots for generations to come. Wear it proud.

- Mike Carioscia Jr. & Mike Carioscia Sr.