Mystery Ladies Tee

Mystery Ladies Tee

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 In a true fairytale story, Italia becomes Champions of the UEFA EURO 2020 Tournament! After being one of the hardest-hit countries of coronavirus, Italy proves to be a country of resiliency with an incredible win. This t-shirt was created to celebrate a remarkable, once-in-a-life-time event that will go down in the history books. Congratulations Azzurri! 

*Due to COVID19, the tournament was postponed into 2021. However, the 2020 name was kept. We assure you that the date on the t-shirt is 100% factual and correct.


    How it runs
    T-Shirt runs one or two sizes small. Order up for an optimal look.

    Size chart

    S M L XL 2XL 3XL
    Length (inches) 25 1/2 26 26 1/2 27 1/4 27 3/4 29
    Width (inches) 30 1/2 32 1/2 34 1/2 36 1/2 38 1/2 47

    Materials and Care
    • Lightweight breathable cotton/polyester blend
    • Superior quality fabric
    • Unprecedented Hardcore Comfort

    Machine wash cold and hang dry. Wash inside out for best results.