Italian Heritage Jacket

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Originating in Italian neighborhoods during the 1980s, this jacket is reminiscent of a time when Italian pride was at an all-time high.

Italians used to live in neighborhoods where everyone was Italian. They were called enclaves. Back then, the sense of identity came from being Italian because it was a way of life. Although being a citizen of America, Italian tradition, culture, and values were instilled through the enclaves. People were proud of their roots and wanted to make a statement about who they are. The Italian jacket was born from this and became the ultimate way to show your belonging to the Italian community.

As generations went on, these neighborhoods got less and less Italian. People moved to the suburbs and broke apart. The Italian spirit that existed back then was no longer present because it was harder to keep in touch with family and friends.

We strongly believe that social media gives us the power to all still be neighbors. Why let Italian culture and traditions fade, when the new generation has all the power to make it stronger?

It is our mission to do this. And we hope that these jackets will encourage you all to do the same.


How it runs
Baseball jackets are an "Athletic Fit" so the width runs on the smaller side. We recommend ordering a size up.

Size chart

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Materials & Care
  • Full-snap jacket.
  • Machine wash cold and hang dry. Wash inside out for best results.