Cornicello and Hand Necklace

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The Catania Cornicello Necklace set includes a small gold or red corno pendant for luck and a mano cornuto hand to send those bad vibes away. Start attracting luck and protection today with The Catania.

The Catania Necklace includes two pendants and one chain.  

Your purchase comes with a jewelry box. 

Charm Information:
  • Origin: Italy
  • Material: Argento 925 Silver
  • Coatings: Gold Plated or Silver
  • Cornicello Size:  18mm
  • Hand Size:  21mm
  • Chain Size: 17 inches
  • Handmade

We do not recommend wearing this product in hot tubs, pools, oceans, showers, or other water. It may tarnish the metals in the necklace.

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