Italy Boot Necklace

Italy Boot Necklace

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This fashionable accessory suggests that the most ideal time to exhibit Italian pride is all the time! 

  • 50cm thick chain
  • 3cm x 1.5cm pennant
  • Gold plated

        We do not recommend wearing this product in hot tubs, pools, oceans, showers, or other water. It may tarnish the metals in the necklace.

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        The word, “Hardcore” is defined as being an active and committed member of a group.

        This commitment to your heritage is something that is already inside of you. You were raised with Italian traditions, values, and culture. It’s a part of who you are.

        Hardcore Italians is a movement to keep Italian pride alive. Our ancestors made sacrifices to give us opportunity. They grew up with nothing but gave us everything. When we show our pride, we honor their sacrifice.

        We thank you for being a part of our movement.We hope that our products make you feel close to who you are.

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