Pesto Genovese

Pesto Genovese

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Dating back all the way to the ancient Roman Era, pesto has been gracing the tables of Italy since it’s birth. Created using a mortar and pestle to preserve the flavor and texture, this sauce will remind you of warm summer evenings gathered around the dinner table. While there are several traditional pestos found throughout Italy, Pesto Genovese is by far, the most popular and recognizable.

Comprised of an unheard 32% fresh picked sweet Italian basil, Ligurian Italian pine nuts and sharp pecorino romano and grana padano cheese, this bright, herbaceous sauce will transform your cooking. Iron Chef America Judge Mario has ensured that his sauce has nothing but the best ingredients, meaning no fillers, bread crumbs or anchovies; only crushed pine nuts are used to thicken this beautiful sauce. Simply mix pasta, toss onto delicate cooked white meats or fish or even use as a spread on sandwiches or panini. A perfect topping for your grilled summer vegetables or drizzled over vine-ripened tomatoes; a must for any basil lover or the gourmet enthusiast. Do not add any salt as it is ready to be mixed with your food.  Non-GMO and gluten free. A genuine ‘Product of Italy.’ Hand selected and approved by Hardcore Italians Culinary Food Expert, Mario Rizzotti.

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