Hardcore Italians Coffee

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Hardcore Italians' hand-selected brand of coffee. Roasted the Italian way. Perfect for your espresso machine or moka to get the real Italian flavor profile.

Our Espresso Roast is available in whole beans or grounds. It is a Medium-Dark Roast.


12 ounces

Flavor Profile

The Brazil and Sumatra beans bring the body to this blend – Brazil being clean and full-bodied and Sumatra having a rich earthy body. The Colombia has sweet notes of caramel and fruit, and Kenya brings a hint of citrus.

Tasting Notes

True Espresso is a smooth, rich coffee with fairly bright acidity, full-body, and caramel aroma.

Roasting Notes

Our Espresso is unique in that it is not roasted on the far end of the Dark scale. By keeping the roasting profile closer to the medium side of the Dark scale we eliminate the burnt or bitter flavor that many other espresso roasts typically have.

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